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The goal of the (S.T.O.P.S) training program is to instruct sworn law enforcement officers in the following:

  • how to conduct tactical traffic stops with officers survival being the foremost concern

  • how to counter both accidental and felonious assaults

  • how to assess the risks and recognize the threat cues by both the driver and passengers

  • how to safely position the police and violator vehicles

  • how to safely approach vehicles and keep control while making contact with the driver/passengers

  • how to safely conduct commercial vehicle traffic stops

  • how to tactically conduct high-risk stops

  • how to counter ambush assaults and win

  • how to escape from the 12 ambush zones

  • how to safely conduct drug interdiction stops

  • how to avoid citizen complaints and conflicts with violators

The experience of the S.T.O.P.S program goes beyond the citation to focus on a safe, successful outcome.



ACH Training Group will be certifying officers in your region in our proven officer survival tactics. There are nearly 3000 STOPS Instructors throughout the United States. Officers completing this course will be certified to INSTRUCT officers in the STOPS officer survival program. Upon completion of the STOPS program your officers will be able to SAFELY execute vehicle stops, pedestrian contacts, commercial vehicle stops, vehicle extractions, drug interdiction stops, and high risk (felony) stops. Officers will be trained in risk assessments, and proven methods to counter both felonious and accidental assaults. Vehicle stops will be broken into 12 ambush zones for the officer to be aware of, and escape techniques to counter and defeat any type of assault.



In order to maintain the STOPS Instructor Certification this course is required every three years from the date of your initial certification. During the re-certification process you will be tasked with teaching a block of instruction in the presence of the Instructor Trainer. This course will count for 16 hours of law enforcement continuing education credits.

STOPS Instructors are required to attend a 2-Day Re-Certification Course every 36 months to continue teaching the STOPS Officers Survival System.



Potential Students attending this training must be certified Strategies & Tactics of Patrol Stops Instructors. This advanced level class will be both physically and mentally challenging and the STOPS Instructor will need to overcome multiple obstacles to win the battle.
STOPS Instructors will engage in numerous force on force scenarios that will challenge the officer to perform well under pressure in order to survive the threat. STOPS Instructors also will need to overcome physically demanding scenarios which end in live fire overcoming threats both inside and outside of vehicles.


Basic S.T.O.P.S. Student Certification

Our goal is for all STOPS Students skill sets to be razor sharp, and we challenge all STOPS Students to push themselves to be the tip of the spear. Being the 1%'er that will bring the others back requires you to challenge yourself to be your best, and this class will help you accomplish this goal.

The Basic STOPS Certification is good for 1-Year and instills in your Officer the WILL TO LIVE and gives them the tactics to win every battle...from the Streets to the Courtroom.

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