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ACH Training Group offers a variety of open courses for everyday civilians and organizations. Whether it is for your personal safety, church group or corporation; being prepared for the unexpected is vital in today's world. From classroom courses to hands-on exercises for self-defense or firearms, our instructors will give you the knowledge to survive and Always Come Home...


Fundamental Pistol I

Pistol I is dedicated to the "New Shooter." A combination of classroom and range time, this course will give students the knowledge to safely own, handle, breakdown, clean, load, store and operate their Handgun. Range drills will be used to create a level of comfort and proficiency with your Handgun.

Fundamental Pistol II

Pistol II is designed to push the intermediate shooter to the next level. The student will be introduced to Movement while shooting, as well as proper use of Cover and Concealment Principles. This course will push students to their marksmanship limits, then move them beyond those perceived limits, allowing them to gain the confidence need to successfully protect themselves in the real world!

Fundamental Pistol III

Pistol III was created for the Advanced Shooter. This course will merge the basic fundamentals of Close Quarter Combat (CQC) as well as introduce the student into Tactical Medical (TecMed) basics needed to survive a deadly encounter involving gunfire. This course will begin to set the foundation for the student to advance from Marksman to Tactician.

Place of Worship -
Subject Control Course

This course is designed for Church Security Personnel. Created for Security Teams that are looking for simple, effective techniques that can be used to control / contain a subject that is disruptive or disorderly. Easy to use, soft empty hand control tactics are key in
this course, helping to maintain a safe worship environment.

Place of Worship - De-Escalation
Dealing with Difficult People

This course is designed for Church Security Personnel. Created for Security Teams that are looking for effective techniques for dealing with personal contact of emotionally distraught subjects. These verbal tactics can assist security personnel in managing volatile encounters in an effort to keep the situation from becoming "out of control."

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